Mitchell’s Last Day of Pre-K

Well, I definitely didn’t plan on getting around to Mitchell FINISHING Pre-K about the time we’re making logistical plans for STARTING kindergarten before I put it on the blog, but here I am. Here come ALL the posts (or at least that’s the plan) to catch up our sun-filled, family fun, summer that we’ve basically spent every daylight minute and a few after outside. So no more putting it off – the great blog catch up of the summer of 2018 commences.


Mitchell had the BEST start to school we could have asked for. His teacher was so sweet, so organized, and so kind. Being super busy with work/deployment/siblings, we were not super involved at the school, but I didn’t feel the need to be because she was constantly filling us in on what he was learning every week with activities to go along with the lessons at home. Mitchell adored his teacher and was so happy to tell us what he learned each day, which was usually a letter and an accompanying sound. This is our first school-aged kiddo, and since it was a Pre-K program, I wasn’t sure what to expect. It was only half days, for about 2 ½ hours, and they’re four years old. How much could they possibly learn? But, we were constantly amazed at the things Mitchell came home telling us he learned!


In the interest of being fully transparent and sharing our struggles (there are many!!) along with our victories, I worried for a long time (until we got his speech caught up with his peer group) that we would be fighting for him to keep up. Speech problems, glasses, his young birthday, and the mere fact that he was a boy made it seemed like the odds were a little stacked against him to start. We actually started him at the elementary school at age three for supplemental speech therapy to his clinical speech therapy and had an admittedly disappointing experience. So, I was reeeeeally crossing my fingers that our experience with the special education department was not reflective of our elementary school experience to come – and it wasn’t. Have I told you yet how much we adored Mitchell’s teacher?! Even more than riding that yellow school bus – and that’s a lot!


By the end of the year, he knew all of his letters and sounds, the difference between upper and lowercase letters. He recognizes numbers up to 20 (and sometimes beyond!), spelling and writing his name, and even starting to sound out words! It makes my heart soar knowing he is starting kindergarten off right. These are the sort of things I expected him to start learning in kindergarten, so it is going to be SO fun to see how far he comes this year! Now that it’s nearly the end of July, we’ll be meeting his new teacher, and buying school supplies and uniforms soon! And our lucky little kindergartener is going to have BOTH of his grandmas in town to send him off on his first day!


So, to wrap up a great school year, check out Mitchell’s Last Day of Pre-K video. I filmed this little gem as I got to walk him to his last day of school. We talked about how excited we were to ditch those (darling!!!) red, white, and blue polos with khaki shorts, and trade them in for swimsuits and sunscreen! Sometimes being a working momma is hard, but it makes those rare free mornings where I get to do things like hold his hand down the sidewalk and reminisce on the best first school year extra memorable. We’re so, so proud of you, Mitchell!

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