Royals v. Rangers

Since we were in Kansas on Mitchell’s birthday, and there was a Royal’s v. Rangers game in town, my mom snagged us some tickets to my hometown team and we headed out for a night of baseball! We got a sitter for the girls and the attention for the night was 100% on the birthday boy – just like it should be! He and my dad were so cute walking up to the stadium in their matching t-shirts.


We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect night for some summer baseball.


Meet the brand-spankin’ new five year old that never had cotton candy before. Or Dippin’ Dots. Or funnel cake. Until that night. When he got all that, including nachos. Every time the food guy walked by and he said he wanted it, the birthday boy got it. We spoiled him so rotten that night.


My parents are pretty cute.


Our little guy is pretty well-versed in the worlds of hockey and soccer, but I wasn’t sure how engaged he’d be in the baseball game. We’ve never really watching it or explained the concept to him. Something about that game caught his interest, though, and he was all excited to cheer on the home team!


I loved on this birthday boy, who insisted on stealing my hat, so, so hard.


Five is a big deal, so his first baseball game was a pretty great way to kick off the year. And it is going to be a great year – I already know it! We’re counting the days until he starts kindergarten, because right after that he gets his daddy back. Try to come up with a better start to five years old than a baseball game, kindergarten, and daddy. Bet ya can’t, huh? 😉

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