Fourth of July 2018

The Fourth of July this year turned out to be pretty darn good. I focused 1000% on these kids, because making family memories on fun holidays like this one just isn’t quite as fun solo. We had no real plans, so we kept ourselves entertained doing whatever we felt like in the moment, and this mid-week holiday turned out to be just the fun family day we needed! The kiddos started their day off with their ISR swim lessons. It was a nice break to get that accomplished in the morning and done for the day early!


Then, we were off to the grocery store. After our trip to Kansas, we were desperate for fresh food. Aside from a gallon of milk, we hadn’t had the chance to buy any fresh food and we were basically living off of frozen pizza, frozen waffles, and uncrustables for a couple days. The kiddos insisted on picking out a birthday cake for America while we were there (their idea, not mine), but who was I to say no to that?


On the way home, we stopped for a couple of sno-balls. We got caught in the rain, but we found a picnic table under a (mostly) covered roof and ate our summer treats and watched the storm. Aubrey only stopped smiling when she ran out of sno-ball, and this might be the best idea we had all day.


A quick pitstop at the house to drop off the groceries, and off to the pool, since the summer shower completely disappeared and left us with a sunny summer day. More sunscreen, please!


After the pool, we headed home for a regroup, some naps, figuring out a plan. Camp Lejeune puts on a pretty great country concert every year for the Fourth of July. We usually go as a family and meet up with friends, but seeing as Steve was gone and most of our friends we go with have PCS’d away this summer, that was sounding less appealing. (Though, I really wanted to see Cole Swindell!) The crazy heat convinced us to skip the concert and hang out in the cul-de-sac with our awesome neighbors and the coolest little crew of military brats around.


Aubrey is only happy running wild.


Julia loves that Christmas bike. And yes, I made her put a helmet on. But probably not shoes. Her head is more important than feet, right? 😉


We skipped the concert, but still threw a blanket and some snacks (America’s birthday cake!!) in the car and ventured to the other side of base for the fireworks show. We sliced up some watermelon and cookie cake, and in just a few minutes, the sky was lit up in front of us!


This holiday is a special one to Steve and I because eight years ago he proposed during the fireworks show. We were 21 year old babies, and I’m pretty sure I said, “how fast?” before I said yes. Marrying that man was the best decision I ever made, and fireworks are one of those things that leave me reflecting on this beautiful life we’ve built together and how far we’ve come. You could say fireworks are “our thing,” so I was missing him extra hard watching them without him, but snuggling our babies extra tight to make up for it. Aubrey is so over cuddling these days, but she just relaxed in my arms and soaked up the show. I got fifteen minutes of uninterrupted, her cheek on mine, smelling that sweet baby shampooed hair kind of time. Julia and Mitchell were in awe over the show. I’d replay that 15 minutes over again if I could. There’s just something about this holiday that is so special.


So, happy birthday America, as the kids say it. We are so grateful for this land we love, Steve and all our brave friends who stand up to protect it, and for a mid-week celebration that gave me the opportunity to dress these kiddos up in red, white, and blue and love on them hard.

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