Theatre in the Park – The Little Mermaid

Back home in Kansas, they put on a pretty incredible theater in the park. Every summer, there are shows through out the summer. It’s really affordable for families, in the most beautiful place, and really makes for the most pleasant outing! When we were traveling back to Kansas, I found out they were doing The Little Mermaid in the park. I could barely contain myself with excitement for Julia, because this is her very favorite Disney movie. She just loves her some Ariel – perhaps because of the red hair? The only caveat was that the last show was playing on the same day we were flying in. Luckily, we had an early flight, which gave us enough time to arrive, make the very necessary grocery run for all the week’s necessities, and then leave the rest of the bunch with grandpa at the house.


My mom and I took Julia on her own very special date! Looking back, this couldn’t have been timed better. The night was like it was planned for her, and it came just before Mitchell’s week of birthday festivities. It was a little preemptive girls night, which is just what all three of us needed!


She kept herself (and everyone else) entertained with the bubbles until the show started, and then she was HOOKED. She stood the ENTIRE time, completely focused on every little thing happening on stage. When any scene came along that Ariel wasn’t there, she’d ask in a panic where she went, and then excitedly wait until she came back. This just made me so excited for the chance to take her to Disney World someday, because I know her mind will be blown.


The show didn’t start until dark (9:00), and the intermission didn’t happen for an hour and a half! After a long day of travel, I was pooped. Julia could have been persuaded to stay, but she was just as easily persuaded to go. Luckily, we got to see all of the *good* songs (basically everything but Kiss the Girl) before we left!


We haven’t made it back to Kansas in the summer in YEARS. It seems we’re always picking the other seasons to travel in (mostly because of deployment schedules and funerals), so it was super fun to be there for summer activities! If these Kansas trips in the summer become a thing for us, we’re definitely adding Theatre in the Park to our must-do list in the future!

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