Labor Day

Labor Day was so good to us this year. While it actually ended up being my normally scheduled day off work (therefore, I didn’t get any extra time off), it brought family into town and gave us the boost we needed to skip the everyday housework and have some fun! I guess I should start with the day before Labor Day. We came home from to church to find my dad vacuumed my house, mowed, weed-eated, edged, and power washed. Y’ALL. THAT was so darn appreciated. So, I helped him out with the last few chores and sat in my immaculate house doing overdue odds and ends like responding to emails, editing pictures & videos, and (gasp!) blogging. (I know, so behind. Will. Catch. Up. Soon.) I promise! We took my dad to the airport in the evening time, and on the way back we stopped at the pool because there were exactly two pool nights of the season left. Alllll of our culdesac kiddos were there, plus more friends. Totally unplanned and what a treat!!! Back to the house. In full disclosure, feelin’ a little lonely because it’s just me and the kids. But some frozen pizza, a glass of wine, and some picture editing was just the ticket to falling asleep on the back porch swing and waking up at 11:30pm to find my big kids were still playing with kinetic sand and watching Disney Jr. Ha!


We got straight in bed because Monday morning we were headed to the beach to watch the sunrise. My brother and his sweet girlfriend, Melanie, were staying at my parent’s place on Topsail Island, so we decided to squeeze in some cute pictures of them while they were at the beach! We didn’t have a rainout day, but turns out we didn’t need it because we got the PERFECT morning.


Of course we didn’t just stay for the pictures. We came in swimsuits ready to play!


My brother and the big kids found an “island” out in the water and the kids thought it was just the coolest thing. They played and played and played and fell asleep exactly 30 seconds into the car ride to lunch.


It’s seriously so great having my brother and his girlfriend in town! The kids LOVE him to death and I wish they could grow up playing with him all the time. Julia started calling him “uncle!” (exclamation point included), instead of Uncle Colby. I don’t know why but it was just the cutest darn thing ever.


I’ve been looking for an excuse to head down to Surf City all summer to go to one my my favorite restaurants but haven’t quite had the right chance. But today, it finally happened! Steve and I walked up on this little place from the beach nine summers ago during a Carolina beach date. (He was the cutest PFC in the whole world, I tell ya!) We’ve been going back ever since and it just always brings back the best memories. Not to mention, you get to watch the waves crash while you eat the best fried seafood around here.


And we rounded out the last pool night with – you guessed it – the pool! After we dropped Colby and Melanie off at the airport, we headed straight for the pool. Our friends met us there again and we finished off the last night of summer together… a little sad that summer is ended, but so incredibly excited for fall because DADDY IS COMING HOME! I could live summer forever, but boy am I ready to get this one over with.


Aubrey is the cutest little mermaid there ever was and yells for me drop her under! She’s learned how to hold her breath and is 100% floating on her own! She worked so hard at this all summer and I’m so proud of her!!! It was so fitting that her very BEST night of swimming all summer was on the very last night! And to boot, Julia had her best night too! I just love that Aubrey begs to go in and I can see that big ol’ open mouth smile all the way back up to the surface!


We left the pool and all the girls begged for popsicles from my house, and I just love that I’m the popsicle house. So the kiddos grabbed their power wheels and I grabbed a handful of ice pops and a pair of scissors, and we all congregated in the usual spot and watched the girls shut the night down with a dance party.


And now I’m wrapping up the night with three sleeping kiddos, a cheeseburger, and some blogging from the back porch. Listening to Thomas Rhett and the crickets chirping.


Pretty much everything that needed to get done for this week didn’t, but how can you be sad about that when you have a holiday like THIS? Family, friends, swimming, power wheels, dance parties, popsicles, beach, local seafood, and a little evening porch swinging. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I can’t wait for Steve to be home to be a part of all of these memories, but it’s literally down to DAYS before we say goodbye to deployment y’all, and I can’t WAIT! I’m trying my hardest to get this blog caught up because we have an AMAZING fall just on the horizon, so there may be no posts this month or one every day. Because, life, and who can plan more than twelve hours in advance? Not this girl. Ha! Back to the real world tomorrow, but how can you complain about that when you just really, truly love your job?

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