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Hi there, and thanks for stopping by! We are the Martins, just your ordinary military couple, outnumbered by our little humans, with an above average amount of glasses and red hair – Mitchell (4), Julia (3), and Aubrey (1). Rewind about 15 years ago, we were awkward little high school sweethearts with no idea what was about to happen. The short version – I went to college, he joined the Marines, bootcamp, will you marry me?, YES PLEASE, wedding, move to Camp Lejeune, deployment, homecoming, baby, deployment, homecoming, baby, deployment, homecoming, baby, deployment… Thanks to a whole lot of God’s grace, eight crazy years of marriage later, here we are, and I’m falling more in love with this man everyday.


My general parenting strategies are fake-it-til-you-make-it and setting the bar so low that they think grocery shopping is a field trip and gummy vitamins are dessert. I plan a minimum three months in advance, but also generally don’t know what we’re doing twenty minutes from any given moment. I work a lot and I don’t drink coffee, so I go to sleep about 8, wake up at 4, and am guilty of replying to text messages at 4:30 in the morning. I regularly wonder the last time I showered. My middle child has an average of 27 outfit changes a day and my laundry pile is always waist high. I own four vacuum cleaners and can’t imagine life without all of them. My two favorite sounds are pure chaos and complete silence. I carry a DSLR camera in my diaper bag at all times, but 75% of the time I forget either diapers or wipes. Our life is messy, we use a lot of sunscreen, endure a lot of chaos, and love a lot. This little blog has been the biggest blessing, letting us capture the last five years of stories and pictures and memories. Hope you enjoy reading our stories just a tiny portion of how much I love writing them!

4 thoughts on “Meet Us

  1. Hi! I'm responding to your comment on my blog here since I couldn't email you back. You showed up as a no-reply blogger. That's so cool that you played hockey in college! Where did you go to college? Thank you for the kind words about my blog. I can't wait to check yours out right now. You have a beautiful family!


  2. I just happened across this blog from the air force wife page and i must say i love it. the name is adorable and your family is beautiful. Check out my blog if you get a chance (I just started it yesterday haha) and I will absolutely be following yours!


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