All About Eglin AFB

We only spent about a year at Eglin Air Force Base, but it was a treasured and different season for us as a family that we will always appreciate. Steve was in a student status while we were stationed here, so he was non-deployable. A whole year together as a family! I wasn’t working while we were there, so Mitchell (still a baby!) and I had all the time in the world to explore and enjoy ourselves! Eglin AFB is situated one bridge away from Destin and only an hour from Pensacola, and we soaked up that Florida sun for the whole summer. I joke with Steve that I want him to do his last four years teaching at the schoolhouse so we can move back, and we laugh, but neither of us would be sad moving back there! Eglin AFB, you’ll always have a special place in our hearts! For anyone getting ready to move there or is new to the area (hi EOD student families!!!), here are a few of our favorite things about this special base!