USA Today

Awhile back, USA Today staff reached out to me about writing a piece for their 2016 Year in Defense issue. I was a little shocked. After all, USA Today is a pretty major publication, and what have I done worthy of being featured in something like this? I started this little blog after we had our first child, when friends and family were urging me to share more stories with my pictures. The more I thought about, the more I knew these experiences would be long forgotten someday. I treasure the amazing pictures from my grandparents’ military adventure (Maj. Aubree Mitchell Brim, Jr., USAF Ret.), and I’d like to think someday our grandchildren will cherish ours the same way. But what I wouldn’t give to have the stories written on paper from my grandmother’s perspective. So I snuggled up my little newborn Mitchell, who had yet to meet his Daddy, opened up my laptop, and started typing. This little blog has come a long way. I never expected to be recognized for anything I’ve written; the value of being able to document these stories to go back and read during those moments of nostalgia are reward enough. But this little feature, among pieces written about our country’s leaders and war heroes, is definitely the highlight of my blogging hobby thus far. I owe a big hug to all of my readers. To our family and friends we’ve met along the way, thank you for keeping up with us through our little everyday adventures. It’s not an easy feat being stationed so far away from the familiar and endless support we have in so many other places, and we miss you all dearly. To those other military spouses reading this blog because you can relate somehow. Or those other mother’s who are also stumbling through young motherhood, hopefully a little more gracefully than me 😉 Thank you all for reading along the way. 
I’ll recap the issue a little for you, but if anyone wants to read the full issue, click the link HERE. USA Today has several annual publications, and Year in Defense is their issue that rounds up highlights across all branches of the United States military. 
“Spouses Know Best – Popular bloggers offer advice, insights on military life.” There I am! Page 74! 
 And there we are!!! I really had no idea what to expect when I opened the link to the publication that popped up in my email from my contact at USA Today. I only knew that I sent her my response to a few questions about military life, and a family picture we snapped on my tripod before my husband’s most recent deployment. It’s actually the last day we were together as a family, as we are anxiously awaiting his homecoming in the spring. So when I checked the table of contents and quickly scrolled to Page 74, both of our jaws dropped when we saw our last minute tripod picture before we dropped Daddy off at those dreaded white buses taking up half a page! It really captures my sentiments as a military spouse, and I hope our children will treasure it someday, and see how much we love them and value this military lifestyle we are living. 
I’ll wrap up this post by saying none of this would be possible without my husband. The sacrifices he has made, and continues to make, along with his dedication and love for his job and country are a big part of what makes him who he is. Our children are lucky to have such a strong and positive father figure, who I hope they aspire to be like one day. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it a thousand times. He is the most patient and caring person I know, and God made him to love me, and I feel like I won the husband jackpot. Five times over.